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Special Issue on Illustrative Visualization
Computers and Graphics, August 2010

Guest Editors: Ivan Viola, Helwig Hauser, David Ebert
Submissions due: October 15th, 2009

Illustrative visualization is computer-supported interactive and expressive visual abstraction, motivated by traditional illustrations. This technology applies to scientific problem domains such as medicine, earth sciences, and material sciences. They all have in common that the subjects of study are complex 3D or 4D structures. Recent developments of illustrative information visualization indicate even the applicability to abstract high-dimensional data. A recent interdisciplinary gathering on illustrative visualization, i.e., IllustraVis09, has emphasized the importance of a closer cooperation between visualization technologists and illustrators for advancing visual abstraction technology. Advancing the role of semantics in illustrative visualization, for example, requires interdisciplinary cooperation with the target domain. Combining illustrative visualization with another technology, such as sketch-based interfaces, seems to be another interesting opportunity. Also the great potential utility of illustative visualization in information dissemination for education or visual communication for masses is leading to interesting new technology. Other technological challenges include the visual integration of data/information from multiple sources, uncertainty handling, or perceptual aspects of illustrative visualization.

This special issue on Illustrative Visualization of the Computers and Graphics journal seeks for articles that present new research according to (but not necessarily limited to) the following topics:
   novel visual abstractions
   stylized rendering (line drawing, style transfer)
   expressive techniques (cut-aways, peel-aways, exploded views)
   temporal illustrative visualization
   computerized storytelling and reporting
   high-level interaction schemes
   semantics-driven visualization
   combination of skech-based interfaces with visualization
   illustrative visualization in immersive environments
   applications of illustrative visualization
   evaluation of illustrative visualization
   taxonomy for illustrative visualization
   perceptual aspects of illustrative visualization
   illustrative visualization for the masses
   illustrative information visualization

For details about how to submit visit the C&G style and length guidelines for authors at The paper should be submitted through the journal submission system available at Please select Illustrative Visualization as the special section title. In case of further questions with respect to the submission procedure, please contact

Important deadlines:
Submission deadline: October 15
First decision: November 30
Revised Versions: January 15
Second Review due: March 1
Revised Versions due March 30

For further inquiries, please contact the Guest Editors:
Ivan Viola,
Helwig Hauser,
David Ebert,

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