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Åsmund Birkeland: The Explorer - an exploratory plugin for VolumeShop

The idea for this project is to make a more user friendly tool to inspect a volumetric object. Usually this is done with the color transfer function but it is not really intuitive and it is difficult to look at specific features. There are other tools, like the slice veiwer, wich are easy to use and understand but it doesn't give a full picture of the object.
By making a first hit cutaway viewer you can easely browse through the object while it is enhancing the various intensity values. The Explorer takes advantage of both the slice veiwer and the firt hit cutaway viewer, while you are looking at the first hit cutaway viewer you select the intensity values by clicking on the slice viewer. By combining both into one single tool you have a greater understanding of what you are looking at.
Volumeshop debian package
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