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Sondre Langeland Hisdal: Deformations of skeleton based implicit objects.


The goal of this project was to render skeleton based implicit objects and the deformation of these when they collide. The objects are rendered by using a GPU raycaster implemented using Cuda. All calculations when deformations occur are also performed using Cuda. Support for point and line skeletons have been implemented. The objects are modelled using the distance to the skeleton. Two deformation techniques were implemented, but most focus was put on the second technique. This was described in a newer paper and were also the most simple and intuitive of the two.

Screenshots and Video

Image showing results from the first technique:

Images showing results from the second technique:

Video showing results from the second technique:

The video shows real time rendering of objects. It also show how changing parameters affect the deformations.


[1] Alexis Angelidis. Adaptive implicit modeling using subdivision curves and surfaces as skeletons. seventh ACM symposium on Solid modeling, 2002.
[2] Alexis Angelidis, Pauline Jepp, and Marie-Paule Cani. Implicit modeling with skeleton curves: Controlled blending in contact situations. nternational Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications (SMI’02), pages 137–144, 2002.
[3] MP Cani. Subdivision-curve primitives: a new solution for interactive implicit modeling. Shape Modeling and Applications, SMI, 2001.
[4] M.P. Gascuel. An implicit formulation for precise contact modeling between flexible solids. In Proceedings of the 20th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques, pages 313–320. ACM, 1993.
[5] Agata Opalach and Marie-Paule Cani. Local deformations for animation of implicit surfaces. 13th Spring Conference on Computer, pages 1–9, 1997.

Supervisor: Julius Parulek
Project Report: Here

 Last change: Julius Parulek, 2011-12-12