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Endre M. Lidal: Converting highly interactive, visualization proof-of-concept prototypes into a distributable prototype


In this report, we present a software project where we created a prototype for distribution to our collaborative partners. The prototype unifies results from two separate, sketch-based modeling research projects into one common interface, representing a unified execution pipeline. We provide high user friendliness, by making the application run stable and focusing on providing good error messages. In addition, the prototype had to be accessible from an Apple Mac. We accomplished this by porting the application from Windows to Apple OS.X. By carefully selecting compilers and development environment, we kept the size of platform specific code low. Regardless, we encountered several unforeseen problems, such as only support for a few OpenGL versions and difficulties of deploying dynamic linked libraries, that we had to solve before the prototype was handed over to our collaborative partner.

Supervisor: Ivan Viola
Project Report: Here


Some screen shots of the converted application:

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