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Course INF358 Seminar in Visualization (seminar i visualisering)

Noeska Smit et al., fall semester (in English), 10 ECTS

This course (INF358) gives an intorduction to scientific work with focus on visualization and an overview of state of the art visualization tools and libraries.  It is an important basis course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics focused on visualization (MAMN-INFVI). 

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This course is devoted to two topics; the introduction to scientific work within the context of visualization and an introduction to the broad selection of existing visualization tools and libraries.

The routine of scientific work is a multi-stage process. Given research topic is first studied from basics up to the state-of-the-art techniques in existing literature. Second stage is the research work, when new ideas are developed and proved by implementation or experiments. The process cycle is closed by knowledge dissemination gained during the research in form of publication in a scientific journal or a conference.

In addition, it is also important for specialists in visualization to know what visualization tools and libraries that already exists and that can be taken advantage of, either as a part of scientific work or as a visualization expert in a team.


This course makes students familiar with scientific work with special focus on its last stage, i.e., knowledge dissemination in written and oral form. After (successfully) finishing INF358, students know how research is carried-out, how to present new knowledge in structured and understandable form. In addition, students will gather a good overview on visualization tools and libraries and will be equipped with the knowledge of selecting proper tools for a given visualization task.

Structure of course INF358

The structure of the course is as follows:

  1. Lectures on visualization tools combined with mandatory exercises
  2. Lectures on performing scientific work
  3. Project work ending with writing a scientific paper or technical report
  4. Reviewing a paper/report written by another student
  5. Give an oral presentation of the final paper/report
More details will be given in the introduction lecture.

Teacher(s) & Contact

Noeska Smit: responsible lecturer, and supervision - contact Noeska Smit (via if you have questions concerning the course in general or concerning the content related to supervised topic

Pål Magnus Gunnestad: course administration - contact Pål Magnus Gunnestad (via with respect to administrative questions



Course INF358, seminar in visualization, is taught in fall

Per-semester information for INF358 is available on Mitt UiB:

  fall semester 2017


INF358, seminar in visualization, is in English language


Knowledge of computer graphics and visualization and good skills in programming are highly welcome, but not strictly required.


INF358, seminar in visualization, is an important course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI).  It should be taken in the first semester of these Master studies.

Embedding of INF358 in MAMN-INFVI


Each sub-task carried-out during the course will be evaluated separately, the overall score will be estimated as combination of scores for each sub-task. For an overall positive evaluation it is important to achieve positive score for each of given sub-tasks.


Students get 10 ECTS (when successfully finishing, of course).


  Tableau's data visualization software is provided through the Tableau for Teaching program.

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