Illustrative volume rendering

By Stian Eikeland <>
01. Mar 2009

1) Techniques implemented

Several illustrative techniques were implemented using GLSL:
The techniques also has several options and variations (gooch with/without splashback, etc..)

A normal direct volume rendering using Blinn-Phong shading.

Changed Blinn-Phong shading to cartoon-shading.

Turned on curvature-controlled contours.

Also turned on gradient-based contours with low exponent for a bit more shading (depth-feeling).

Gooch cool-to-warm shading.

Gooch with curvature-controlled contours.

Gooch with curvature-controlled contours and splashback (for more depth).

A technique sometimes used in photography, by placing two strobes at opposite sides gelled with cool and warm gel, where the light meet it will be combined to white light..

2) Results

Click on the different images for a short explanation.