Multimodal visualisation of monkey head

Brain MRI with PET coloring

This visualization uses CT, MRI and PET to make a visualisation of the monkey brain and its activity by ray tracing in volumeshop. The CT is used to find where the inside of the skull is. Then the MRI is raytraced, using colors from the PET. There are two cutting planes, one above wich no MRI will be shown, and one above wich no CT will be shown. There are also cutting planes from the front to back and right to left, as the video shows.


This visualisation does pretty much the same, only it uses maximum intensity projection, by showing only the voxel with the highest PET intensity for each ray that will go through the mri. Here you can easily spot the points in the brain with highest activity, wich are colored white

Stunning images

Here are some images for your viewing pleasure. Click on one to open a slide show.
bilder/img-0000.JPG bilder/img-0491.JPG bilder/img-o.JPG bilder/img-0024.JPG bilder/img-0037.JPG bilder/img-0064.JPG bilder/img-0083.JPG bilder/img-0116.JPG bilder/img-0143.JPG bilder/img-0194.JPG bilder/img-0210.JPG bilder/img-0228.JPG bilder/img-0254.JPG bilder/img-0266.JPG

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