Jonas Waage

Volumeshop plugins.

volumeStyleRenderer - ToonShading. - Contour with uniform thickness. Using curvature approximation for speed. - Contour with thickness modified by depth. Using curvature approximation. - Cool to Warm shading. The plugin is an extension of the Simplerenderer already present in volumeshop. All these work on volumes. In the folder "images_volumes" different images using these features or combinations of them are located. volumeFiltererocl(so named since I hate changing all that text to get a new plugin) - Does stippling from 2D images. Currently scales finished images to double the size of the input. This plugin is only working for very small images, around(150x150), it crashes when loading bigger images. This is only happens in Volumeshop, and not when I run my algorithm in Mac OS X (where 1000x1000 images works perfectly fine), which makes me thing it is either some Volumeshop issue, or something with the NVIDIA OpenCL implementation. In the folder "images_stippling" different basis images and stippled versions are kept. Some images are derived from smaller version of the volume images located in "images_volumes". The restriction to smaller images leads to a lot of errors in the uniform distribution, since the centroid of each voronoi region is based on a discrete computation. This leads to a situation where some points either do not have any region or have a region which very badly weigted, This leads to the errors which can be seen in some of the more densely pointed images. The less densely pointed images who much more uniform distribution, but to large stipples. Scaled down version of these seem to work better though.