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Course INF359: Selected Topics in Visualization (utvalde emner i visualisering)

Stefan Bruckner et al., spring semester (in English), 10 ECTS

This course was last given in spring semester 2015 and is no longer offered. The relevant content has been integrated into other courses given by the visualization group such as computer graphics and visualization.

This course (INF359) puts emphasis on advanced visualization methods that include mathematical foundation for visualization and GP-GPU programming. Also it encapsulates visualization concepts and various application domains.  It is an important basis course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI).



Advanced course in visualization provides mathematical foundation for visualization and GP-GPU programming, in-depth information on essetial visualization principles which are currently in focus of the international research community in visualization. We will focus on visualization based on higher semantics and on interactive visual analysis. These concepts are demonstrated on application in various fields of science, medicine and oil&gas industry.


The aim of this course is to make students familiar with principles that are behind images. As these principles will be partly explained through paper reading assignements, students will also become familiar with reading of scientific publications. Mathematical foundations will introduce practicall mathematical tools used in visualization; e.g.; solving linear systems, data fitting, eigen analysis, root finding. Application of visualization will be presented in the context to understand the big picture of entire processing pipeline: data acquisition technologies, automated image analysis, and special-purpose hardware that enables specialized interaction with visualization. Additionally, students will gain programming skills of recent graphics hardware through lab exercises while solving tasks related to methods presented in the lectures and in the reading assingments.

Structure of course INF359

The structure of the course is divided into two main parts: lectures and lab exercises. Lectures will consist of talks given by various lecturers (also outside the regular course schedule!) and reading and programming assignments.

During lab exercises different visualization solutions are presented with a special focus on numerical methods implemented in Python, parallel programming in CUDA and shader programming in GLSL.

Lab Results


There is no textbook for the course. Materials for the lecture are exclusively the lecture slides and research papers that will be disrtributed in the individual lectures as reading exercises. Therefore it is essential to attend possibly every lecture!

Teacher(s) & Contact

Stefan Bruckner: responsible teacher and lecturer - contact Stefan Bruckner (via if you have questions concerning the course in general or concerning the lecture content

Helwig Hauser: lecturer - contact Helwig Hauser (via if you have questions concerning the lecture content.

Julius Parulek: lecturer and lab exercises - contact Julius Parulek (via if you have questions concerning the lab exercises.

Mari Garaas LÝchen: course administration - contact Mari Garaas LÝchen (via with respect to administrative questions



Course INF359, selected topics in visualization, is taught in spring

Per-semester information for INF359 is available at Mi Side:

  spring semester 2015


INF359, selected topics in visualization, is in English language


It is recommended that students finish a course on computer graphics (INF251) and basic course on visualization (INF252) before INF359.


INF359, selected topics in visualization, is an important course in the UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualization (MAMN-INFVI).  It should be taken in the second semester of these Master studies.

Embedding of INF359 in MAMN-INFVI


The evaluation of INF359 on selected topics in visualization is a combination of

  performance during a oral exam,

  results from lab exercises, and

  participation, esp. also during the papers hour

To successfully finish INF359, students have to pass the exam (a).  They also have to deliver sufficient results from lab exercises (b).  The participation in the course (c), esp. in the papers hour, also counts into the evaluation.


Students get 10 ECTS (when successfully finishing, of course).


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