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Online Realtime Volume Raycaster

A GPU based volume raycaster has been implemented as a Java applet. The Java OpenGL (JOGL) library was used for OpenGL and GLSL support. It supports stereoscopic rendering with red/cyan glasses. Graphics card supporting OpenGL 2.1 and Java version 1.6 (or higher) required. The dataset was acquired from the Osirix repository.

User Instructions

Volume Interaction

  • Left Mouse Drag: Rotate
  • Middle Mouse Drag: Zoom
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom
  • Right Mouse Drag: Translate
  • S: Toggle stereo projection. (Anaglyphic)
  • SHIFT + Mouse Wheel: Change focal depth
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Mouse Wheel: Change eye separation distance
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Middle Mouse Click: Reset stereo settings
  • 1: Entry buffer
  • 2: Exit buffer
  • 3: Volume rendering
  • F: Toggle FPS
  • Q: Toggle low quality during interaction

Transfer Function Interaction

  • Left Mouse Drag: Move Point
  • Right Mouse Click: Add point
  • Middle Mouse Click: Remove point
  • Left Double Click Change color of point

Style Interaction

  • Left Mouse Click: Select style
  • Right Mouse Click: Next page
  • Mouse Wheel: Next/Previous page

 Last Modified: Jean-Paul Balabanian, 2013-05-29