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Ivan Viola

Associate Professor

Phone: +47 - 55 58 42 82
Fax: +47 - 55 58 41 99
Office: room 3135 (HiB, data block)


Seminar in Visualization (INF358)

course makes students familiar with scientific work routine in scope of visualization research.

Selected Topics in Visualization (INF359)

in-depth course focusing on applications of visualization and advanced programming techniques.

Student projects

Programming Project (INF219)

implementation of advanced visualization techniques.

Master Thesis (in Norwegian)

coordinated research work in visualization. This includes problem definition, state-of-the-art, new concept design, implementation, write-up, defense.

Looking for an interesting programming or master project? Contact me for available topics.

Finished student work

Visualization and Interaction with Medical Data in Immersive Environments

Y. Hammersland, master thesis (2007-2009)

View-Dependent Peel-Away Visualization for Volumetric Data

Å. Birkeland, master thesis (2007-2008)

Physically Plausible Weather Visualization

G. Nes, master thesis (in cooperation with VizRT, Norway, 2007-2008)

Mixed volume/mesh rendering using Depth Peeling

G. Nes, INF219 project (fall 2007)

Importance-Driven Rendering in Interventional Imaging

M. Haidacher, master thesis (in cooperation with Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton and Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2006-2007)

The Explorer - an exploratory plugin for VolumeShop

Å. Birkeland, INF219 project (spring 2007)

Importance Driven Volume Rendering

C. Thurnher, B. Pflugfelder, student project (Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2005)

Multiscale Nodule Detection in CT Data

M. Haidacher, student project (Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2005)

High-Quality Volume Rendering with Resampling in the Frequency Domain

M. Artner, master thesis (in cooperation with Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 2005)

Merkmals-Visualisierung für Volumsdaten

M. Haidacher, student project available only in German (Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2005)


Research interests (full publication list)

Illustrative visualization

... aims at visual communication using new interactive methods that enhance the depiction of scientific digital data based on principles founded in traditional illustration.

  My PhD thesis

  Illustrative Vis Tutorial 2008

Medical visualization

...aims at improved diagnostics, intervention planning, and Illustrated Ultrasoundtreatment by visual analysis of medical images.

  Illustrated Ultrasound


Short Biography (CV, View Ivan Viola's profile on LinkedIn)

Ivan Viola is Associate Professor at University of Bergen, and Scientific Adviser at Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), Bergen, Norway. He received M.Sc. in 2002 and Ph.D. in 2005 from Vienna University of Technology, Austria. His research is focused on application of illustrative visualization for communication of complex scientific data. Viola co-authored several scientific works published in international journals and conferences such as IEEE TVCG, IEEE Visualization, and EuroVis and acted as a reviewer and IPC member for conferences in the field of computer graphics and visualization (e.g. IPC IEEE Visualization 2009, EuroVis 2009). He is member of Eurographics, NorSIGD, IEEE Computer Society, VGTC.

Mailing address: Dep. of Informatics, Univ. of Bergen, Postboks 7803, N-5020 Bergen, Norway ("c/o <addressee>");
Visiting address: Etasje 3, data blokk, Høyteknologisenteret, Thormøhlensgate 55, Bergen, Norway;
FAX (for all team members): +47 - 55 58 41 99 (please indicate addressee with a "c/o ..." phrase).

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